Day: May 31, 2016

CyclingIn today modern era the life style of people is totally changed from the earlier one. Busy and unscheduled daily routine including unscheduled eating and sleeping habits have made the things more troublesome for people. On to that so much of pollution, chemical contents in food and water have made the things more miserable. Numerous health issues and fitness related problems are arising even at very less age. Now it is time to seriously take a few steps for the physical fitness and good health. Exercise and regular workout is one such step that can help one to regain energies and develop strong immunity.

cycling-reasons-4-1463760833403-18xe9qwrbj9oe-960-540Among various available workout options cycling is a best one. Any person of any age group can opt for cycling. It has been stated by the researchers that cycling provide various benefits to a person, these are as follows –

  • Weight lose
  • Flexibility of muscle
  • Increased longevity
  • Increased height in children

Above are a few common benefits but actual benefits are much more.

Physical Fitness

arthritis-cycling-1445019723-600x360Cycling is a best exercise that leads to overall physical fitness the reason is that, while cycling the overall muscular system of the body works and hence making the muscle more starched and flexible. It has been proved by the researchers that inactivity in muscles for longer time can lead to muscles shrink.

While cycling leg muscles push the paddle for movement of cycle, shoulder and arm muscles manage the handle so that the cycle goes in correct and required direction. Abdominal and back muscles manage the balance so that cycle can move smoothly on two wheels.

How cycling help children to get increased height?

infinite-21-augCycling is best exercise for children. Though children enjoy cycling without considering it as an exercise activity but still it is a very beneficial activity for children. It leads to muscle starching specially leg muscles and hence help children to attain more height.

Risk Factor

Before you opt for cycling you should consider certain risk factors. The first thing a person should do is to go for medical check-up to get the information that he/she is physically fit for cycling activity or not. Further one should not go for lots of workout from the very first day of cycling. The intelligent works is start with fewer workouts and increase it serially day by day.

cycleOne should take the cycle to an efficient mechanic for regular check of all its oiling and greasing, tightness of brakes, air in tyres etc. before going for cycling.

Some cycling equipment are available in the market that can help a person for secure ride, it include helmet, knew guard, elbow guard, water bottle, bike rear and back light, first-aid bag etc. One should keep all such support equipment for safe and secure ride.

There are varieties of cycles that are available in the market. One should choose the cycle according to the requirement and preferences of the choice according to comfort. Some are geared while others are gear less. Some have straight handle while others have curved handles so one should select according to choice and purpose.