Day: June 18, 2016


Cycling is a good activity for health besides being an easy and inexpensive mode of transport. Regular exercise helps in keeping the body fit and healthy. People do many exercises for staying slim and maintaining the body shape. Some like to do exercises at the gym while some do them at home. Workouts can be done with machines or without them. Cycling is a popular exercise liked by people the world over. It is an inexpensive form of exercise for which going to the gym or hiring a trainer is not needed. All you need to a good bike, a pair of shoes and a smooth road on which you can do cycling. Some people like to keep stationary bikes at home or office. This is convenient if you can’t go outdoors for cycling. With cycling muscle becomes very strong. The exercise has many benefits for improving the health. The 8 health benefits of cycling are as follows.

Improves Heart Health


Cycling is a very good cardiovascular exercise that makes the heart healthy. It improves the health without putting pressure on the joints unlike high-pressure exercises like running. Thus, you can prevent heart diseases by including cycling in your exercise schedule.

Improves Brain Health

Research has shown that cycling can help in improving the brain health. Pedaling on a bike increases production of new brain cells. It also improves blood circulation in our brain. Thus, a better brain health helps in preventing brain problems like memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents Stress 

Stress is a serious problem faced by many people due to tensions and pressures at work or personal life. Cycling helps in controlling the stress levels. People feel more relaxed after doing cycling and it prevents the stress.

Prevents Obesity why-bike_main

Obesity is a major health challenge for people today. Cycling is a useful exercise for preventing and controlling this problem. Doing cycling regularly helps in decreasing the body weight. It burns calories at a faster rate and reduces fat in our body. Obese people can control weight by doing cycling.

Prevents Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, you can do cycling to get some relief. The exercise helps in making the lower back muscles healthy and strong, which prevents back problems. The vertebrae muscles become strong with cycling movements. This helps in preventing slipped disc and back pain.

Prevents Arthritis


Arthritis is a serious problem in which the patient suffers from pain, inflammation and other problems in the joints of the body. Cycling helps in preventing arthritis. It activates and stimulates the muscles of knees and legs. You can control the problem of arthritis by doing cycling.

Improves Energy

Many people feel that they suffer from a lack of energy, which makes them tired very soon. It can affect your daily life and performance at work. Cycling helps in improving the energy levels. It helps in fighting fatigue, tiredness, and low energy levels.

Tones The Muscles

Cycling helps in toning the muscles of the entire body. Choose the exercise if you have poor muscle strength. It makes the muscles very strong. When you do cycling, the muscles of thighs, hips, upper body and legs become well toned. It helps in toning the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Thus, with cycling muscle becomes well toned.